Product Introduction製品紹介

Nishijima product creation through our in-house Integrated Production Systems.

NMX series 量産型マシニングセンター

  • High speed and precision [NMX series] created by the pioneer of the column feed type machining center.
  • We strive as a pioneer of the column traverse and machining center to develop high speed, high accuracy and stable machining centers suitable for the 21st century. We- as a dedicated machine tool manufacturer since 1932- aim to participate in our customer's [Manufacturing] processes by applying our handling expertise and using our skills to propose solutions.

NHC series CNC全自動超硬丸鋸切断機

  • Implementing high value cost performance and high accuracy/efficiency.
  • Implementing minimum 20mm remaining material (patented) (when using 080NDC).
  • Operating high rigidity machine body that suppresses vibration (based on vibration analyses of body structure).
  • High accuracy and high rigidity are guaranteed by the technology cultivated by highly dedicated Nishijima engineers.
  • Achieving precision cutting by adopting blade pad with our original know-how.
  • Machining accuracy is stabilized due to saw blade feed and NC adoption on feeding device.
  • Achieving outstanding cutting tool life through the high rigidity slide and main spindle non-backlash mechanism.
  • Environmentally friendly with low noise and semi-dry cut.
  • Equipment with energy conservation and energy saving compatible circuits.

■Cut off machine NHC series

切断機 NHCシリーズ

■Cut off machine NDC series(Residual material reduction mechanisms)

切断機 NDシリーズ(残材短縮機構付)

■Sheet cutting machine. SQA series

板材切断機 SQAシリーズ

TNC series CNC全自動HSS丸鋸刃研削盤

Features of CBN grinding wheel grinding machine

  • Operation time reduced by up to one-third.
  • Fully automated from edge type grinding to chamfering.
  • Profile grinding with CBN grinding wheel.
  • High rigidity and compact mechanical construction.
  • Compatible with various blade types.
  • Four axes NC control (2 axes simultaneous control).
  • Abundant optional software available for applications.
  • Large color liquid crystal panel.

Features of general grinding wheel grinding machine

  • Two axes simultaneous NC control.
  • Spark out count setting function.
  • Override function.
  • Saw blade rotation axis compensation function.
  • Automatic cutting function.
  • Dresser compensation function.
  • Compatible with various blade types.

Rolling machines 高精度ネジ・スプライン・リング専用転造盤

  • Thread rolling machine
    NTR series

  • Exclusive spline rolling machine
    ROLLEX series

  • Ring rolling machine
    URWA series

■Hydraulic general purpose series specifications (hydraulic type).


■Economy series specifications (hydraulic type).





■ROLLEX Gear rolling machine specifications (servo drive type).


※Refer to catalog or download from the following link for models other than those listed above.

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